In 1997, then Omar Thibeaux, an ordinary 21 year old encountered an extraordinary God. He was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ radically and has never been the same. A vessel that was once filled with void and the unknown was given a purpose that was beyond all he could imagine or even think. He began preparing for his calling by attending New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2006, he accepted his calling to the ministry. Since 2007, Pastor Omar Thibeaux has shepherd the flock of Philadelphia Christian Church.


Pastor Omar Thibeaux is known for his down to earth charisma and uncompromising determination to expound the truth of the word of God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, he teaches biblical truths that not only inspire but also brings change to those who have ears to hear. He has brought hundreds to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For over 10 years, he has consistently preached on repentance with conviction and the saving grace that is able to redeem the souls of men.


Pastor Omar is married to First Lady Chantelle Thibeaux. They have three godly children: Grace, Annalise, and Omar Joshua.





First Lady Chantelle serves in Philadelphia Christian Church as her husbands help-meet. She likens herself to being his girl-armor bearer serving at his right hand. Under his authority, Chantelle leads the women's side of ministry where she ministers to the needs of the ladies at Philadelphia Christian Church.


She holds very dear being the mother of their godly seed: Grace, Annalise, and Omar Joshua.




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